Head Hunting

We have a high level of expertise in Head Hunting, a focus on peculiarities and a knowledge of industries that allow us to be fast, timely and effective.

We work in practices we know ‘almost’ perfectly. We define possible target lists and mapping of key figures in target markets and/or competitor’ organizational structures. This allows us to get in touch also with candidates who are not actively seeking new opportunities or who are not on social networks. However, we also favor alternative and original solutions; when it is useful, we ‘think outside the box’.

We carry out a multi-level diagnosis of the compatibility of candidates with the company culture and with the micro-organizational contexts (P-O fit). We are actively involved in the negotiation phase and systematically monitor every step of the onboarding overtime. Onboarding is conceived as a process of integrating people into the organization with mutual satisfaction of the parties, over a long-term period.

Our people are meticulous and detail-oriented in all phases of the process. Not one single assignment is left unaccomplished, and we always identify the best and most compatible candidates. ‘We make good bread’.

Elena Sancassani, Untitled, 2015
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