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Our story

Telema is a consulting firm operating in the field of Human Resources and Organization. Founded in 1986, it has been operational since 1989; in 1997, Telema Brasil was born, with a spirit of collaboration and dealing with the same topics of organization and corporate communication.

The founder Riccardo G. Zuffo, after an initial academic experience on scientific research in the area of Work and Organizational Psychology, develops a long managerial career in the Pirelli Group.

In 1992, the Company integrates consultancy with a systematic Search and Selection activity (subsequent Aut. Min. N. 4415 of 12/02/2007); a few years later, Telema Giovani is also set up, focused on the acquisition/evaluation of educated and talented young people (Masters, PhDs). During this period (Ipercoop opening in Sicily), skill development and assessment models are defined, also in collaboration with different university settings . A section specifically dedicated to Outplacement Support Activities (subsequent Aut. Min. No. 39/14938 of 25/10/2012) begins to work on large professional reconversion (Falck closure) and outplacement projects.

In 1999, partly by chance… and partly not, Telema manages the exhibition L’Ambrosiana e Leonardo at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan. This experience leads to the founding of Telema per l’Arte (today operating only exceptionally), which was active in the promotion of corporate conventions (McKinsey, KLM, Pharma…), cultural events, sponsorship of young artists exhibitions.

In 2003 the magazine Il tavolo di Piero (Piero’s Table) is also founded: a periodical of Consulting, Human Resources and Art Promotion (Milan Court registration nr. 104 24/02/2003, Copyright Telema International srl).

In the years 2007/2011 the founder contributes to the definition of the legislation D. Lgs. 81/08 on Work-Related Stress: after a challenging research work a model for the assessment of Work-Related Stress is validated, the MOSRQ© (Multifactor Organizational Stress Risk Questionnaire, 2012). The model, under concession to Telema, is successfully used in various organizational contexts and employed now in at least 300 companies. Along this line of applications, both quantitative and qualitative, Telema uses a dedicated platform that also allows to carry out customized organizational climate analyses and surveys, which can be activated very quickly according to specific clients’ needs.

In 2015/2016 the Psychological Services for Business area is more organically istitutionalized, where Business and Team Coaching, Assessment, Work-Related Stress and Climate Analysis are combined in an integrated and organic system of theories, models, tools and technicalities.

Today Sonia, a proprietary web platform marked by high levels of flexibility, is fully active to provide our clients (medium-large companies) with services, scientific tools (assessment, archives, comparative samples, etc.) and customizations that allow them to quickly process information and significant amounts of data.

Finally, we want to emphasize our historical close relationship with academia and science, our direct commitments in universities in the areas of Social Psychology, Organizations and Economic and Consumer Behaviour. Telema has contributed to scientific publications on various topics in management and educational systems of excellence (trust, citizenship, cynicism, stress…). This relationship has been and still is virtuous; it allows us to combine the scientific dimensions with our daily work in different organizational contexts, to respond to the different levels of needs of our client system with accuracy and reliability.

Piero Buscone, Tavolo di Piero, 1990
Patchwork top made of 10 woods of the italian Appennines
Colored metal legs

Our values

Telema is a company distinguished by specific responsibilities, roles and functions, not a group of associated professionals bound by dimensions of opportunity.

We operate according to principles of ethical fairness: transparency, loyalty, consistency and respect guide our daily work. We want to build long lasting relationships, based on good collaboration and partnership. We care about our employees, clients, candidates and suppliers. We take care of them with affection, favouring long-term relationships, mutual satisfaction and constructive growth. 

We foster the work-life balance of our employees, who have the opportunity to work in a highly flexible way. Our offices, when needed, accommodate children and animals, which we welcome with joy.

Our values are:


our people are the most important value to us: we welcome them, respect them, value them all in their diversity and authenticity


our clients are at the centre: we listen to them carefully, propose interventions and solutions that promote their improvement and growth


we behave with honesty and fairness in every work situation


our reference is science and scientific developments


we consider cooperation, collaboration and belonging to be essential dimensions of our everyday life


we trust our people, our clients, our partners

Lele Innamorato, Ti cerco dalla finestra, 1994
Oil on canvas, 96,5×60 cm

Telema, correttezza etica e rispetto
Telema, le persone

Our People

We have a long experience and background acquired both within our company and in academic and corporate contexts.


Our people have specific responsibilities within the organization and refer to the responsibles of the different areas of activity:

  • Riccardo Giorgio Zuffo: President and Scientific Director;
  • Elena Sancassani: Chief Executive Officer and Executive Search area;
  • Luca Trovati: Head Hunting and Telema Giovani-Crafts and Professions areas;
  • Sharon Dentali: Psychological Services for Businesses, for Individuals and Welfare areas.

Over the years we have established a system of relationships and fruitful collaborations also with psychotherapists, certified business coaches and mentors of the highest level.

We have also consolidated ties with several universities (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Università degli Studi ‘Gabriele D’Annunzio’ in Chieti, Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, La Statale di Milano) with which we conduct systematic scientific research and/or teaching activities.

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Telema, after conducting serious searches for rights holders without being able to find them, publishes the work anyway and, should they not agree, is so far willing to remove it.

Telema srl

Elena Sancassani, Untitled, 2015
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