Career Counseling and Outplacement

We help companies to relocate individuals (individual outplacement) or groups (collective outplacement) in the search of new job opportunities during particularly critical professional situations or company reorganization (Aut. Min. N. 39/14938 of 25/10/2012).

We design tailor-made projects in order to make these situations less critical for everyone. We work with great consideration for people’s needs and take into account the diverse and specific company requirements.

We work well, ensuring that our client can maintain a positive corporate image for survivors both in institutional and social context.

In an outplacement process we gradually outline the person’s needs, her/his motivation, skills, competences, desires and expectations, in order to encourage a higher level of proactivity.

We maximize people’s employability, supporting their empowerment, promoting awareness of their abilities, self-confidence and trust in the future.

We stay close to our clients, companies and people, with availableness and care.

We are also able to develop Career Counseling programs for individuals who want to be supported on a path of professional growth and re-employment, in moments of change and/or personal and professional challenges.

Lele Innamorato, Fiore con Gambo, One of three, 2012
Oil on canvas, 45×45 cm

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