Welfare and Psychological Support

Telema has always been committed to people’s well-being. #Telematiaiuta! project is aimed at developing welfare and well-being services, promoting career counseling and psychological support activities dedicated to the employees and their families.

Telema intends to provide concrete tools to help people achieve a state of increased psychophysical well-being. We can identify the most functional and effective strategies for dealing with changes, uncertainties and personal and/or professional hardships.

Consistent with these objectives, Telema has chosen to close ties with the world of industrial associations and to be present on some of the major welfare platforms also recognized by AIWA, the Italian Association for Corporate Welfare.

Our services, also available in English and French, are:


Career counseling, aimed at improving and modifying specific behaviors and/or competencies in order to achieve work-related goals and a professional and personal improvement and development.


Psychological support services, that are declined in:

  • support to individuals, couples, families;
  • support to cope with anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depressive episodes and other psychological problems linked to particular stages of life;
  • support in the case of teenage and school problems, social dynamic difficulties in children;
  • educational and vocational guidance;
  • support for parenting;
  • support in phases of major decisions and changes;
  • support in times of stress, over working and burnout;
  • bioenergetics, mindfulness and yoga sessions.
  • postural gymnastics

Our welfare partners:

  • AON

Stefano Cumia, A Cavallo, 2008
Oil on canvas, 45×60 cm
Property of Silvia Barzanò

Telema, welfare e servizi alla persona
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