Assessment, Test and Sonia Platform

Based on client’s specific requirements, we offer high-quality Assessments with several degrees of detail and predictiveness, and with levels of feedback and/or possible further coaching tailored to peculiar needs.

We assess internal management to ensure compatibility with strategies, change processes, career plans and internal mobility. Our assessment goes beyond crystallization in an ideal profile and effectively verifies people’s competencies and fit with the context.

In the recruitment processes, our Assessments allow to realize added value in the final choice of candidates.

We pay a great deal of attention to the evaluation of cognitive and personality factors and to the fit with industries, contexts, strategies and corporate culture.

For a rigorous and scientific assessment, we also use Tests taken from the international literature and/or developed and validated in-house. Our tools have a high pragmatic relevance, reliability and cost-effective administering, also thanks to our own platform.

Telema Giovani offers the most advanced Assessment Centre methodologies, evaluations tailored to different target populations – recent graduates, talents, STEM – and to diverse organizational and corporate needs.

Kazimir Malevich, Sportsmen, 1931
Oil on canvas, 140×170 cm

Telema, assessment e valutazione