Coaching and Mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring services are aimed at empowering individuals and/or groups in their unique identity and vocational dimension and at creating value for the organizations in which they work.

We can also offer projects that may be particularly complex in terms of individual coaching, team coaching, supervision, mentoring, designed for managers, people in a professional and career development or in situations of organizational fatigue. Especially, we operate effectively in scenarios of change management and/or digital transformation.

Our clients are both companies and individuals. Our fees are differentiated based on client type and project complexity.

We work by means of excellence practices, meetings, one-to-one interviews, practical and/or scientific tools. Our coaches are internationally certified professionals (ICF and EMCC), with diverse backgrounds and high competence and expertise.

The added value of our services, therefore, lies in a thorough ‘demand analysis’, a central role of diagnostic factors, a great knowledge of organizations and a long professional experience combining scientific theories and best practices.

Marco Cassarà, I care. Always crashing in the same car, 2012
Oil on panel, 190×120 cm

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