Telema Giovani - Crafts and Professions


We continuously monitor talent, masters, PhDs, specialization schools, research contexts of excellence in Italy and Europe. When selecting them we are also careful that…


If knowledge were irreparably separated from thought, then we would become hopeless beings, not so much slaves to our machines as to our expertise, creatures devoid of thought at the mercy of every technically conceivable device, no matter how deadly. 

– Hannah Arendt, Vita Activa (1958)

Crafts and Professions

We consistently follow specific areas of expertise and schools of specialization in: 

  • luxury goods and fashion (stylists, product development, digital marketing, communication);
  • catering and distribution systems (chefs, gastronomes, sommeliers, waiters, butchers, charcutiers);
  • maintenance for industry, real estate and hotellerie.

Elena Sancassani, Japan, 2015
Col. photo

Telema Giovani – Crafts and Professions