Please contact us using one of the following ways.
If your profile is in line with our requirements, we will contact you directly.


Please go to our contact page where you can find all our contact details.

Your information will be stored securely in our archives for ten years. You may access and update this information at any time.

Please fill in the registration form and upload your CV.

We assist our candidates in all the steps of the selection process, from the first interview all the way through to the end of the trial period in the hiring company.

You can contact us and keep up todate with our activities and job postings through our company page on LinkedIn.

Some of our clients ask to the potential candidates to fill an internally developed preliminary personality test (PIFF).
This test is optional and requires just a few minutes of your time. It could be a useful tool to get to know yourself better and help you find job opportunities that are more suitable with your traits.

You can apply for job opportunities in line with your professional experience, interests and aspirations.

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