COPERTINA ZUFFO Ebook solo fronte in pdf ultima versione_page-0001The writings (2002-2019) are linked by a red thread that connotes the evolution of the recruiting in its historical dimension (from Taylor and Ford to Muensterberg) and in the subsequent evolutions that characterize the industrial world.

The roles of the selector-psychologist in the company, the Head Hunter and the Executive Search change profoundly in their correlates with the new competitive, social, political / regulatory and technological scenarios.
The simple experience, the common sense, the practices no longer hold. New scientific paradigms of applied psychology and an attitude of research and experimentation must be put in place to capture and govern disruptive technological variables, innovation processes, social changes.

The centrality of the concept of fit, the corporate culture, a situated and relevant scientific approach and a new relationship with the territory are the new key factors to guarantee excellent results and continuity in a strategic process of acquiring Human Resources.


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