Telema offers an integrated and “multi-level” Work-Related Stress Risk Evaluation service which immediately responds to the regulatory obligation (Legislative Decree 81/2008) and which also functions as a wide-spectrum thermometer of the degree of engagement, trust, participation and well-being of people.

Our evaluation model is simple, rigorous, scientific; it also allows us to grasp also the first signs of organizational fatigue and to distinguish also organizational factors from ones related to individual aspects (for example due to personal efforts, “work-life balance”, on which we can also offer support with a psychological help desk ” hoc “).

All projects can be activated quickly, flexibly and at low cost. Moreover, thanks to the use of on-line platforms, the service can be minimally invasive and remotely activated. For specific contexts (eg low level of education, foreigners …) we can quickly set up a support service for on-site and remote compilation as well as a continuity help-desk service for people in the company.

One of our expert psychologist consultants (or our team of experts ..) will follow you in all phases of the project.

If there is an interest in projects, you can contact us by writing to the email address servizipsicologici@telemainternational.com or by calling 025992121.